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XtractMor helps breweries, distilleries and wineries save more using cavitation to extract more flavor more quickly. The patented ShockWave Xtractor machinery allows producers to reduce cost, produce more beer and improve taste. The ultrasonic-like shockwaves extract more flavor from things like hops in less time leading to cost savings, more production and higher beer yields. The same process can also be applied to fruit, spices, coffee, tea, wood chips and other botanicals.

XtractMor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydro Dynamics, Inc. (HDI) and the exclusive marketer of HDI’s ShockWave Xtractor (Xtractor) for brewery, winery and distillery applications. HDI is also located in Rome, Georgia and is the developer and manufacturer of the cavitation based Xtractor technology.

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We will offer a free 14 day trial so breweries can test out the equipment for themselves.

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