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Breweries, Branding & the Built Environment (Oh my!) an Architect’s Perspective

Beer? Check.

Logo? Check.

A well-designed brewery that incorporates your brand into the space? ……. Maybe not?

Putting the same energy and care into the layout and design of your space that you put into your product will set you apart from everyone else. DesignTeam Plus, Michigan’s leading brewery architects & interior designers, have successfully completed more than fifteen brewery projects across the State. This experience has guided us to creation of a formula for integrating a brand with the space. What does that mean for the brewer?

As a brewer, your focus is on formulating a product that will be enjoyed, sought-after and remembered. The taproom that your patrons visit to gain access to your products should have the same lasting effects. During this investigation, we share several unique case studies, in which we demonstrate how architects and interior designers created a space which embodies the brand imagined by each brewer. With each space, the product brand, merchandise and menus are displayed in a way that aligns with each brewer’s personality, their goals and their budget; while keeping the guest’s experience in mind.


Jo’s Education:

-Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Lawrence Technological University)

-Completion of Architectural Experience Program, AXP (NCARB)

-Master of Architecture (Lawrence Technological University)


Professional Affiliations:

-American Institute of Architects (AIA) Associate

-Michigan Historic Preservation Network (MHPN)

-Design professional for the Village Historic District Commission for the City of Warren (2021-2024)

-State of Michigan Notary Public

-Michigan Brewers Guild

-Ohio Craft Brewers Association



In 2014, as the sole student volunteer on a DesignTeam + led project in her hometown in Michigan, Jo collaborated on designing a community park that vastly improved resident safety. That experience led to an invitation to join DesignTeam+ and inspired her to serve as the architectural representative for the Village of Warren Historic District Commission. Engaging with community members on projects, Jo sees how the spark of an idea can grow to better communities and strengthen families.

The ability to see design problems and projects through the eyes of the client is Jo’s superpower. How will they navigate the space? How will good design enrich their job and how they work in the space? Architecture is more than the walls of the building, says Jo, and if you are not a specialist in what the client does, how can you be sensitive to their needs?

Jo’s favorite hobby is sleep. She is crazy organized. Creativity is all over the place in the initial stages of a project, and Jo is sometimes seen tidying up her workspace to clear her head.