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How Easy It Is To Recover Your Own CO2

Get an overview of craft-scale CO2 recovery solutions and a detailed walk-through on how to implement it into your specific brewery by the leading expert in the field. Kim Dalum, founder & CEO of DALUM Beverage Equipment, will give you the tools to get a better comprehension of the equipment by examining DALUM’s advanced technology, that he developed himself. During the presentation, he will cover relevant themes such as CO2 collection from fermenters and purge gas, foam traps, remote control and support, CO2 storage tanks, and ambient/regenerative vaporizers.

By the end of the presentation, you will have a greater understanding of how CO2 recovery can enhance your brewery’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and how to easily reach this goal.

With four different sizes of the DALUM CO2 Plants, craft breweries of all sizes are able to achieve control of their own CO2 source.

By eliminating the need to buy industrial CO2, your brewery will naturally lower its carbon footprint by a significant margin and increase its profitability.

Kim Dalum is the founder & CEO of DALUM Beverage Equipment with over 20 years of experience managing global engineering firms, and developing equipment and technical solutions for the food and beverage industry, in particular for large breweries. With a deep appreciation for the craft brewing industry, he founded the company back in 2018, committed to help craft breweries improve quality, reduce costs and boost sustainability.

He approached several craft breweries with different ideas for new equipment and solutions, and the breweries showed interest in an affordable, craft-scale system to recover CO2. In 2019, he partnered with Danish Ørbæk Brewery, where he developed a piece of equipment that could capture CO2 from fermentation and compress it for storage to reuse at a later state in the brewing process. Now, 5 years later, DALUM has gained global success with CO2 Recovery Plants operating worldwide.