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Register Now for CBP Connects Portland, Maine (June 10-12, 2024)

Beer Trips: Educational, Experiential, Cultural, & Networking Opportunities

Craft beer and beverage demographics are accelerating in the speed of change in consumer wants and tastes. Reacting to “Fashion” is a game you never catch up with. To meet these challenges, it is important for you to establish a vibrant industry network and to invest in craft beverage education. The best way to approach this is by visiting and meeting in person the people and experiencing places you want to establish or enhance your industry relationships. The key is to set up detailed trips to meet and interact with other Beer and Beverage professionals one on one at their locations.

Beer Trips should be much more than just drinking craft beer. Trip offers insights on setting up VIP Beer, Bourbon, and other Craft beverages meetings and location experiences that can help you build a stronger team, create new friends and open up more industry resources for you. He offers suggestions on how to effectively use Beer travel as part of a positive incentive and rewards program for your employees. How to create a customer retention program thru a turnkey beer travel program. And insights for you to identify your teams continuing beer education focus and how to take advantage of the best options.

Trip will discuss the importance of One-on-One experiences with source Hops and Brewing Malts producers as well as continuing beer education opportunities that are easier than you think.