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Brand Authenticity in an A.I. (-Infatuated) World

Authenticity has been a core principle of the craft beer community since its inception. It’s even in the name: “craft” beer. Machines make things. Humans craft things. The vast majority of craft breweries are modestly-sized labors of love built by real people with literal blood, sweat, and tears.

Join Brian Winkeler and Jennings Hammack from Oklahoma City-based branding & packaging design shop Robot House as they discuss with CBP’s Andrew Coplon all the ways in which authenticity matters in every aspect of a craft brewery’s brand experience (from branding & packaging to taproom & shelf presence) and the impact of A.I. on the beer business, both positive (sales & distribution intelligence) and negative (crappy A.I.-generated beer label “art”).

Brian Winkeler & Jennings Hammack represent 1/3 of Robot House, an Oklahoma City-based six-person team of creative thinkers, dreamers and doers who craft emotional brand stories with fresh, cool, award-winning design in collaboration with clients around the country. Specializing in brand development, packaging design and all things creative, Brian & Jennings are on a mission to find passionate people eager to build and explore a brave new world for their craft beer brand.