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Collaborative Brewery Marketing: Keeping a Cohesive Message Across Channels

In today’s fragmented marketing landscape, the importance of collaboration has never been more relevant. Some of the best results come from an integrated marketing strategy that utilizes multiple channels and touchpoints to convey a cohesive message. We’ve found that those results can also be amplified by working together with other similar businesses within a local market. No one person or organization can do this alone — it takes collaboration between teams. During our presentation, we intend to show how breweries, an app, and marketing team work together to execute a Craft Beer Challenge campaign that drives meaningful results for all the breweries involved.

This conversation features:

Aubrey Perry (Crackem)

Chris Overlay (Get Hoptimized)

Chris Rock (RockPit Brewing & Distilling)

Duane Morin (Toll Road Brewing Company)