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Crafting Connections: Navigating the Evolution of Beer Festivals and Beyond

In a world where the landscape of beer festivals is rapidly changing, “Crafting Connections” explores the necessity for evolution in these beloved events. Beyond the traditional focus on beer, this seminar delves into the broader spectrum of beverages and experiences that are reshaping the festival scene. From innovative additions like cideries and distilleries to the incorporation of live music on grand stages, attendees will gain insights into the shifting dynamics of beer festivals. Moreover, the seminar addresses the critical issue of connecting brewers directly with consumers, highlighting the importance of guild-run events in fostering meaningful interactions and authentic experiences. Join us as we navigate the impending changes and reimagine the future of beer festivals and beyond.


This conversation features:

Eric Fouch (Thornapple Brewing, Beer City Brewers Guild)

Jeremiah Zimmerman (President of the Beer City Brewers Guild)