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How POS Technology is Transforming the Customer Experience in Breweries

In the ever-evolving landscape of the brewing industry, customer experience stands as a defining pillar. Beer enthusiasts and casual patrons alike seek more than just a cold brew; they crave memorable moments, exceptional service, and a personal touch that distinguishes each visit. Traditionally, breweries have held fast to their time-honored craft, yet the infusion of technology is now redefining customer satisfaction. In this blog, we’ll explore the captivating interplay between tradition and innovation, delving into how technology is revolutionizing the brewery scene and empowering operators.


Enhancing Customer Experience/Operations

Breweries have long been renowned for delivering exceptional customer experiences rooted in friendly service, outstanding brews, and inviting atmospheres. Today, technology breathes new life into these cherished traditions.

Traditionally, patrons looked to personable servers and well-poured pints for a memorable brewery experience. These elements remain crucial, but technology brings exciting dimensions of hospitality. With mobile ordering and modern POS technology, patrons can browse and select their favorite brews from anywhere within the brewery, reducing wait times and enhancing overall satisfaction. Additionally, mobile ordering and shared tabs grant guests the freedom to explore your property, placing orders from any location that suits their convenience. Open tabs are texted to them for easy order continuation, tab sharing, and item splitting with friends.

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Loyalty programs, another technological advancement, fortify the connection between breweries and their patrons. By offering personalized rewards based on individual preferences, these programs cultivate customer loyalty and drive repeat business.

However, technology’s benefits extend beyond customers; it optimizes brewery operations as well. Inventory management systems ensure that popular beers are consistently available, minimizing disappointment and enhancing overall satisfaction. Meanwhile, analytics tools provide insights into customer preferences, allowing breweries to fine-tune their offerings.


Data-Driven Success

Data is undeniably a valuable tool in the modern brewery landscape. It provides critical insights, guides decision-making, and informs strategies for success. However, it’s important to remember that data is a tool, not an unerring gospel. The most effective operators understand that while data should be a driving force behind decisions, it should not replace the human touch and intuition that have long been at the heart of brewing excellence.

To truly harness the potential of data, it’s essential to go beyond the numbers. This means delving deeper into various data sources, such as customer feedback, online reviews, and industry reports.  For instance, consider a brewery facing a perplexing challenge: a dip in customer satisfaction scores despite robust sales figures. Data analysis alone may not uncover the root cause. However, a deeper dive into qualitative feedback and sentiment analysis could reveal that the issue lies not in the quality of the brews but in the speed of service during peak hours.

As the brewing industry continues to evolve, technology will continue to play a central role in shaping its future. To learn more about the brewery POS features you need for your operation, visit


Author- Lucas Topper, A recent graduate in marketing innovation from the Master of Hospitality Management (MMH) program at Boston University, joined the marketing team at GoTab this past summer.