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Must-Have Brewery POS Tools To Throw The Best Oktoberfest In Your Taproom

Must-Have Brewery POS Tools To Throw The Best Oktoberfest In Your Taproom


It’s time to break out the lederhosen and your best polka dance moves! Oktoberfest season is here, presenting a major revenue-boosting opportunity for your brewery’s taproom.

Below are 4 must-have POS tools to ensure a profitable Oktoberfest event.

1. Email Collection Builds Your Event Guest List

The first step to throwing a profitable Oktoberfest is to drive traffic. More bodies in your taproom mean more pints served and more revenue made!

Use your brewery POS for email collection at checkout. Prompting guests to opt-in for emails when they’re signing the bill is an automated way to collect addresses. This is a friction-free way to gather really valuable contact information!

Shoot off some Oktoberfest email invites and your taproom will be hoppin’ in no time.

2. Track Traffic Trends To Determine Taproom Staffing Needs

Hour-by-hour POS reports track the rate of orders by the hour, so you can determine when you’ll likely be the busiest based on past event data. Then, use that information to schedule the right amount of staff members for your Oktoberfest event!

Strategic, data-backed staffing ensures your team stays motivated and guarantees high quality service for guests.

3. Streamline Assembly & Delivery Of Items With An Event-Specific Menu

Your dynamic, digital POS menu makes it easy to edit menu item names and add new products. When deciding which menu items to offer during your event, less often results in better guest experiences:

  • Focus on doing fewer items really well so your staff can prep and assemble efficiently.
  • Guests choose from a shorter menu, which saves time and makes for an easy ordering process.
  • High quality service + easy ordering = Exceptional guest experiences.

Here’s a level-up tip for your taproom menu: Take the opportunity to upsell

Say you’re offering 2 different pour sizes for each beer on the menu. Try naming the larger, higher-priced pour something fun and branded to attract attention and boost revenue. If you think a guest decked out in their Oktoberfest best is going to turn down the Super Schnitzel pour, think again.

Another idea is to sell raffle tickets in exchange for the chance to win merchandise, gift cards, or other fun prizes. This is a great way to engage the whole taproom, spread brand awareness, and profit off ticket sales.

4. Make Checkout A Breeze With Fast Payment Processes

Reduce friction in the checkout process by implementing seamless payment tools from your brewery POS.

Arryved’s card on file lets taproom teams open tabs with one swipe and hand cards right back to guests. This not only makes the next round easy—the guest just has to say the name on file—but it makes payment a breeze, too. In fact, guests can just leave and an automatic gratuity is applied to all tabs left open at the end of the night, making card on file a significant time saver for guests and staff alike.

Now you know how to maximize profits on those pints. Cheers!

Emma Erickson is the Copywriter at Arryved POS.
When she’s not asking for another Sour, she’s asking to pet your dog.