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Now What? How To Take POS Data & Drive Successful Results

Great brewery POS data is only valuable if you know what to do with it. Here are 5 valuable reports courtesy of Arryved POS and how to drive success from each of them.

1. Meet Consumer Demand Using The Sales By Category Report

Get a summary of your sales broken down by category, item type, quantity, and size. You’ll see how inventory is moving by pour size: tasters, pints, growlers, etc.

If you notice pints being ordered more often in certain styles, that indicates what your guests like. Styles being poured only in tasters aren’t quite right for your market.

How To Drive Success: Make similar styles to the ones inspiring larger pour sizes. Guests satisfied with your offerings are guests likely to return!

2. Strategically Produce Popular Beers Using The Best Sellers By Volume Report

Identify your best sellers by tracking barrelage through your taps. Similar to the previous report, this clues you in on what styles your guests are ordering the most of to-the-ounce.

How To Drive Success: Establish a clear production schedule. With tap rotation and experimentation being top of mind for brewers, it’s important to prioritize making your best sellers first so you can maximize profits.

3. Enhance Guest Experiences Using The Average Tab Size Report

Determine exactly how much each guest is spending per visit. A baseline tab size helps your team set realistic goals for boosting them.

How To Drive Success: Maximize tab size by inspiring longer stays, bigger parties, and more orders. Here are some ideas:

  • Longer stays: Counter service requires guests to stand and wait in line if they want to order more. Consider adding floating servers to walk around and collect orders. That way, guests can kick their feet up and get another round without lifting a finger.
  • Bigger parties: Particular seating arrangements encourage bigger groups and even families. Consider picnic tables and high chairs to accommodate both.
  • More orders: Upsells feed your bottom line and enhance the guest experience. Train staff to upsell merchandise, to-go products, food, and that extra pint.

4. Track Taproom Traffic Using The Hour By Hour Report

Track the rate of orders coming in by the hour to determine when your taproom is the busiest.

How To Drive Success: Make efficient schedules by staffing up when you anticipate large crowds and relying on less manpower otherwise. Labor costs are climbing, and your staff will appreciate splitting tips among the right amount of employees necessary.

5. Maximize Profits Using The Revenue To Labor Cost Percentage Report

Quantify how much revenue you’re bringing in against how much you’re paying to staff the taproom.

How To Drive Success: Maximize profits by ensuring revenue outweighs your labor costs. If you discover the scale is tipped unfavorably, lean on contactless ordering tools like QR code menus, ordering, and payments.

You can service the same amount of guests without overwhelming your staff by empowering guests to order and pay from their own devices. Plus, QR code ordering is proven to boost both tab size by 37% and tip size by 27%.

Now, ditch your spreadsheets and get a bigger wallet!

Emma Erickson is the Copywriter at Arryved POS. When she’s not asking for another Sour, she’s asking to pet your dog.