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Sell More! How to Educate and Train Your Taproom Staff to Increase Revenue

One way to sell more out of your taproom is to invest in more taps or stock more branded gear to offer consumers. But that version of “selling more” requires cash up front and doesn’t necessarily guarantee payback quickly. Instead, you may be looking for a way to increase sales that doesn’t require you to spend capital first! In this session, we’ll walk thru strategies and plans that can equip your staff members with knowledge and low-to-no-cost tools required to increase sales.

It’s no surprise that consumers hold brewery taprooms to higher standards when it comes to service and product knowledge than the local craft beer bar. And now add that during inflationary times, customers who are willing to pay more for your experience, expect more from it as well. Is your staff ready to meet these expectations? How are you coaching them up? What tools do they have to help them be successful?

During this session, we will wrestle with tough questions like these that successful taprooms are willing to conquer. You will leave this presentation with a better understanding of what your customers expect, tools for staff members, and a plan to implement some simple strategies that can increase your taproom revenue.

Dan Hornbrook has been in the adult beverage business for 13 years, emphasizing the craft beer side for the past 8 years. Having spent time on the supplier side with a national craft brewery, and the former years on the distributor side. With a passion for craft beer, only matched by that for the fellowship of the people in the collaborative space of craft beer, Dan is eager to maximize the impact a platform like MarketMyBrewery™ can have to provide resources and tools to independent brewers directly. In addition to his industry knowledge, Dan is a busy dad who spends his time chasing and coaching his 3 boys. When he gets free time he enjoys riding his motorcycle, visiting craft breweries, and rocking “Dad Shoes” while mowing the grass.