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All sessions 45 minutes. All times ET.

Monday, October 16 presented by Encompass Technologies

11am – Welcome

Andrew Coplon (Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper)

11:10am – Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

Chris Overlay (Get Hoptimized)

12pm – Multi-Segment Production: Future Proofing Business in a Maturing Beverage Industry

Garth Beyer (Encompass Technologies), Jamie MacLean (Sleeping Giant Brewing), Mike Denmon (Coronado Brewing), Sam Green (Untitled Art, Octopi Brewing)

12:30pm – Aligning Production Capabilities with Management Goals

Kyle Smith (Gorman Smith Beverage Equipment)

1pm – The Agony and the Ecstasy of Contact Brewing

Jeremy Cowan (Shmaltz Brewing)

1:30pm – You Got 99 Problems, But Your Mug Club Ain’t One…

Frank Green III (Modern Times), Kam Whitworth (Coronado Brewing Company), Ross Stensrud (TapWyse)

2pm – Craft Brewing is Saturated: What’s Peak Brewing and What You Can Do to Survive

Matthew Hon (Brew Ninja)

2:30pm – Your Brewery Layout – Getting It Just Right

John Gonzales and Justin Fox (Bespoke Brewing Solutions)

3pm – Brewing with Honey

Keith Seiz (National Honey Board)

3:30pm – Barreling Towards Success: Maximize Productivity by Tracking Barrels vs Dollars

Adrian Brinkley (GHJ)

4pm – Leveling Up: Systems of Internal Accountability

Panelists: Marry Brettmann (Beverage Business Builders), Ethan Tsai (Brewery Operations Consultant), Nancy Trigg (Trigg Performance Collective), Jon Hyman (Wickens Herzer Panza)

Moderator: Laura Lodge (Start A Brewery)

5pm – How to Write a Brewery Job Description

Panelists: Justin Riopelle (Brewing Industry HR Consultant), Katie Rado (Trace Brewing), Kyle Smith (Gorman Smith Beverage Equipment), Lance Furer (Bright Penny Brewing), Stephanie Vavonese (BrewRecruit)

Moderator: Andrew Coplon (Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper)


Tuesday, October 17 presented by Boelter

11am – Communicating “Kids in Breweries” Guidelines Effectively

Kyle Rheiner (Arthur Hall Insurance /

12pm – Culture Matters: Why Your Team’s Experience in Your Taproom Should be What You Focus on First

Andy Risvold (Forgotten Star Brewing) & Matt Schwandt (Bauhaus Brewlab)

12:30pm – Beyond Basic KPIs: The Rise of Enhanced Brewery Analytics

Jeremy Carney (Central Coast Analytics)

1pm – Crafting Your Brand: How to Choose the Right Brewery Merchandise Mix

Kyley Wellington (Boelter)

1:30pm – Don’t be Afraid: Using AI to Create Fresh Labels

Luis Duma and Chris Sumpter (The Robots Won)

2pm – Strategically Brewing Success: Navigating Pre-Launch & Post-Launch for Your Brewery

Taylor Smith (GoTab)

2:30pm – Having Fun Planning Effective, Engaging Events for Your Brewery

Amy Martin (Stormcloud Brewing)

3pm – Legal Issues with Opening a Second Location: What to Think About Before Saying “I Do.”

John Szymankiewicz (Beer Law Center)

4pm – Tips of Tips: How to Legally Pay Your Tipped Workers

Jon Hyman (Wickens Herzer Panza)

5pm – Married in Beer: Running a Business with Your Partner (Jake + Kayleigh Lohse, Presidential Brewing)


Wednesday, October 18 presented by Gorman Smith Beverage Equipment

11am – 90 Days to Better Brewery Employee Engagement

Larry Chase (Ray Johnson Group)

12pm – Addressing Sexual Harassment in Brewery Environments: Fostering Respectful

Danyelle Semjonovs (Beer Law HQ) and Betsy Lay (Lady Justice Brewing Company)

12:30pm – Purchasing 101: How to Make Procurement Suck Just a Little Less

Dan Klasen (Beverage Federation)

1pm – Identity – Brand Power for Success

Aaron Gore (Fresh Pitch Beverage Consulting)

2pm – Eyes on the Stars, Feet on the Ground: Staying Savvy in a Turbulent Market

Don Marcil and Mike Paladino (Lotus Beverage Alliance)

2:30pm – Using Antifoam to Improve Safety and Yield in the Brewery

Dana Johnson (Birko)

3pm – Satisfying Beer Lovers’ Demands for DtC

Alex Koral (Sovos ShipCompliant)

3:30pm – How to Reduce Brewey Production Energy Costs

Zack Hallock (Competitive Energy Services)

4pm – Big Quality Energy: The Assurance to be Consistency

Emily Wang (Fermly)

5pm – What’s Next After Beer Festivals [Go Extinct]?

Scott Kolbe (Market Your Craft)