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All sessions 45 minutes. All times ET.

Monday, October 17 presented by ABS Commercial

11am – Welcome

Andrew Coplon (Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper)

11:10am – Science By Any Memes Necessary

Emily Wang (Fermly)

12pm – The ABC’s of IRI (and other Syndicated Data)

Julie Rhodes (Not Your Hobby Marketing Solutions)

12:30pm – How to Make Ownership Your Competitive Advantage

Larry Chase (Ray Johnson Group)

1pm – WTF, Data?! Numbers = Profits!

Pulkit K. Agrawal (The 5th Ingredient)

1:30pm – Leveraging Events to Grow Your Tap Room Business

Laura Lodge (Start a Brewery)

2pm – Attracting (and Keeping) Top Talent: ESOPs vs Profit Sharing

Brandon Selinsky (Beer Law HQ)

2:30pm – Developing Your Own Sense of Beer Style

Jeremy Storton (Good Beer Matters) and Julia Herz (American Homebrewers Association)

3pm – After the Reckoning: A Safe Bars Experience

Safe Bars

3:30pm – Taproom by the Numbers: Why Data-Driven Breweries Succeed

Nancy Trigg (Arryved POS) and Kary Shumway (Craft Brewery Financial

4pm – Designing And Selecting Your Brewhouse Equipment

Eric Ghiloni (ABS Commercial)

4:15pm – A Guide to NA Beer Production

Ben Jordan (ABV Technology)

4:30pm – How E-Commerce Can Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Jason Sherman (TapRm)

5pm – Pro Tip: A Conversation of Tipping in Breweries

Panelists: Carmone Macfarlane (Phoenix Brewing), Greg Heller-LaBelle (The Colony Meadery), John Szymankiewicz (Beer Law Center), Justin Roberts (Kickfin), Sam Gebhardt (Berthoud Brewing)

Moderator: Andrew Coplon (Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper)

Tuesday, October 18 presented by Pneumatic Scale Angelus

11am – Welcome

Andrew Coplon (Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper)

11:10am – Choosing Brewery Equipment: Lightning Round!

Kevin Weaver (Brewmation)

11:30am – Surviving & Thriving: A Phased Approach to Growing Your Brewery

Don Marcil and Mike Paladino (Stout Tanks & Kettles)

12pm – How to Attract Sponsors for Brewery Events or Programs

Meghan Connolly Haupt (MCH Strategy)

12:30pm – The Fundamental Brewery Marketing Strategy 

Chris Overlay (Hoptimized Digital)

1pm – Carrots: Incentives for Productivity

Aaron Gore (Bevana)

1:30pm – Guest Experience: How to Thrive in an Instant, On-Demand World

Brent Hernandez (Redlight Redlight Craft Beer Bar), Doug Cleary (GoTab), and Rick Malthaner (GoTab)

2:15pm – QC, Scheduling, & Flexibility: Software Strategies for Success

Randy Smith (VicinityBrew)

2:30pm – Key Performance Indicator Insights: Knowing Your Numbers

Josh Lance (Lance CPA)

3pm – Rising to Leadership: Optimize Your Service on Boards and Committees

Meg Ellis (Texas Craft Brewers Guild)

3:30pm – Managing Your Team with a Scorecard System

Julie Rhodes (Not Your Hobby Marketing Solutions)

4pm – What Do You Mean There’s No Alcohol? Sales and Marketing Strategies for NA Beer

Scott Kolbe (Market Your Craft)

4:30pm – 5 Ways to Boost Your Video Marketing Game

Bryant Vander Weerd (Full Pour Media)

5pm – From Grain to Package

Panelists: Alex Smith (ABS Commercial/Raleigh Brewing), Dan MacKinnon (MacKinnon Brothers Brewing), Elden Rowland (Pneumatic Scale Angelus), Mike Davis (Pneumatic Scale Angelus)

Moderator: Andrew Coplon (Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper)

Wednesday, October 19 presented by CO2Meter

11am – Welcome

Andrew Coplon (Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper)

11:10am – The Art and Science of Media Relations

Chad Melis (Turn It Up Media)

11:30am – Increasing Brewery Efficiency & Beer Quality with Production Data

Brynn Keenan (Grist Analytics)

12pm – Beer and Balance: Strategies for Social, Mental, and Physical Wellbeing in the Craft Beer Industry

Dana Kaluzny (Endswell Beer) and Tom Halaska (Ritual Beverage)

12:30pm – Less Waste, More Profit: The Secrets to Building A Sustainable Business

Jamie Schild (A-Bay Engineers)

1pm – Life-Saving Alarms for CO2 Leaks: What You Need to Know

Josh Pringle (CO2Meter)

1:15pm – The Art of Collaboration: How to Successfully Partner with a Non-Profit

Chris Geib (Brewing Funds the Cure – National Pediatric Cancer Foundation)

1:30pm – Little Changes: Actionable Strategies to Elevate the Customer Experience

Dan Hornbrook (MarketMyBrewery/BrewLogix)

2pm – Diversify Where Your Pour With Pop-Up Bars

Chris Musil (Coldbreak) and Justin Lynch (Arryved POS)

2:30pm – Making the Most of Your Malt

Riley Aadland (RMS Brewing Solutions)

3pm – What’s in a Label? A Review of Regulatory Guidelines and Registration Processes for Breweries

Alex Koral (Sovos ShipCompliant)

3:30pm – Online Advertising & Your Brewery: Dos and Don’ts

Devon Hoffman (Site-Seeker)

4pm – Aging With Grace: Innovating While You Grow Older

Warren Bondi (Beer Marketeers)

4:30pm – Using Fermentation Profiles to Improve Your Recipes

Pål Ingebrigtsen (Plaato)

5pm – Storytime with Marcus Baskerville (Weathered Souls Brewing Company)