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5 Problems You Didn’t Know Your Brewery POS System Could Solve

Written by Emma Erickson (Arryved POS)

As a Craft Beer Professionals member, you know clunky cash registers and stationary POS terminals have long made their industry exit. Nowadays, brewery POS systems are mobile, digitally savvy, and their capabilities beyond payment processing may surprise you. 

Here are 5 problems Arryved, the most trusted brewery POS system, solves:

1. Cumbersome Flight Ordering

With a menu as diverse and delicious as yours, you’re bound to be serving up a lot of flights. But inputting flights into a POS device can be time consuming, as opposed to ordering up a standard pint. 

Enter: flight tools. When a server begins to enter a flight order on Arryved POS devices, a predetermined list of eligible brews automatically pops up. Servers select the amount of desired tasters (between 2-8, or a la carte) and quickly add each choice to the tab. Then the flight order is off to be printed for bar staff in the same order the server entered it!

2. Unnecessary Card Holding

Admit it: It’s a pain to hold cards for open tabs. Guests hate forfeiting their card to a mysterious rolodex, and staff waste precious time fishing them out at close. 

The solution is card on file. Arryved allows staff to swipe cards, hand them right back, and get rid of that rolodex for good. Not only does this save everybody time, it encourages guests to leave their tabs open, and thus order round after round. Plus, if there are 3rd party vendors onsite, you don’t inhibit guests from buying their goods. 

3. Inefficient Inventory Management

When you have beers to pour and guests to impress, the last thing you want to worry about is if your menus are reflecting the most up-to-date inventory. 

With Arryved’s centralized inventory management, you make changes in one place and updates are reflected instantly across all staff and guest devices. Plus, set up auto-kick when inventory goes out of stock to eliminate the hassle of any manual 86-ing.

 4. Confusing Performance Indicators

Your taproom is full and pint glasses are clinking, but how do you pinpoint what exactly is driving positive revenue performance?

Customizable, ounce-level reporting gives the insights you need to identify successes by specific revenue center or product. What location in your taproom inspires the highest tab size? What are your top selling items by quantity and sales dollars? Arryved’s cloud-based reporting dashboard has your back. 

5. Staffing Uncertainties

The labor shortage continues to rear its hapless head. And while there’s certainly no simple solution, the right POS has tools that help maintain exceptional levels of service, despite being short staffed.

Time stamping at time of order is an integral feature in Arryed’s ecosystem that informs owners of what’s being ordered, where in the taproom, and exactly when. This information helps make smart staffing decisions, so all necessary hands are on deck to serve up delicious liquids and top-notch service. 

Learn more about Arryved’s brewery POS system, and check out the Maximize Your Most Profitable Season webinar with Craft Beer Professionals!

Emma Erickson is the Copywriter at Arryved POS. When she’s not asking for another Sour, she’s asking to pet your dog.