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NA Beer: Make Zero Your Biggest Asset

With non-alcoholic sales trending upwards across the board, it is important to understand, not only why, but what you as a business owner or decision-maker can take/implement from this data. This presentation will briefly discuss NA beer definitions, history, and the market while also covering topics such as commercial examples and the actual NA brewing process. We will end with key points and actionable takeaways.

Meagen Anderson has lived a zero-proof lifestyle since 2020 and has a deep passion for elevating the category and reducing stigmas associated with the production / sales / marketing / service of alcohol-free and non-alcoholic adult beverages. Anderson holds an MBA in Sustainable Business, and is a 15-year beverage industry veteran with a commercial portfolio that includes national beer education roles with the Boston Beer Company as well as global hops sales management roles with Kalsec and NZ Hops Ltd. Outside of a love for training and education, Anderson has consulted for breweries, cannabis beverage producers, and commercial hop producers and brands. Anderson is also a Certified Cicerone®, Certified BJCP judge, and has completed over 140 hours of in-person beer sensory training with the esteemed Dr. Bill Simpson.