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Dragonflyght – Turn your flights into Insight from your consumers

That is, use your flight to learn more about consumer product preferences, and their likes and dislikes. Small data can uncover patterns more quickly than a limited release.

Over the past 40 years, we have helped major multinationals make great products for consumers. With that learning, we have created Dragonflyght Research Essentials test kits, to teach professionals how to conduct a meaningful flight with your consumers and your products. Consider starting with your exclusive tasting club members!

No app to download. The Dragonflyght test kit is a paper/pencil activity that teaches how to conduct scientific and powerful sensory tests in a casual bar location. The handbook and workbook guide you through a simple 3-product test. Turn your flights into information for the product team, with step-by-step instructions, blinding codes, industry-standard trifecta scales, and a data template, all for the price of a textbook.

I have over 40 years of applied sensory and consumer research and have taught at UC Davis’s Continuing and Professional Education Sensory and Consumer Science Certificate program for nearly 25 years. In 2023, UC Davis introduced a Coursera Specialization: Foundations of Sensory Science where Dragonflyght is featured in Course 4: Conducting Tests.

Dragonfly SCI was founded in 2017, with a mission to bring key industry-wide tools to the smaller producers and make consumer tests more available, easy to conduct, affordable, and in a place where your consumers gather — casual bars or tasting room.

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