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Fruit Puree or Concentrates?

Aseptic Fruit Purees are here to discuss the comparison of fruit purees vs fruit concentrates. When it comes to flavoring your beers, puree vs concentrate is a question many brewers ask. We would like to help by showing the pros and cons of both. We will be addressing flavors, yields, cost, production, and any other questions. We will also discuss non-alcoholic beverage ideas and flavor trends.

Phil Lauchland- Aseptic Fruit Purees Representative and Brewing Consultant

I have a BS degree in Enology. I have been in the fruit, wine, distilling, and brewing industry for over 15 years.

I grew up in a farming family of vineyards in Lodi, Ca. I started making wine with my dad. Before I knew it, I was graduating from Fresno State with a BS degree in Enology.

I was a winemaker at Garba Wine Company and Vie-Del Company before I transitioned to beer. I was a brewer for Full Circle Brewing. As I was brewing there, I’ve got connected with Aseptic Fruit Purees by being a customer. Then one day I was offered an the opportunity with AFP and here I am! I’ve been loving connecting with other brewers in this position. I get to talk shop and share ideas for a living. Oh! and sell fruit puree. haha

Spencer Moore- Brewer

I began my career in 2015 at Calverley’s Brewery in Cambridge, UK. It was a very traditional cask brewery. Through my time there, Calverley’s grew significantly, and started brewing more modern and Americanized styles. I believe we were the first in Cambridge city limits to brew a hazy IPA.

I moved back to the states in 2018 and went to Line Creek Brewing in Peachtree City, GA. I began my time there working in the cellar, learning packaging, and doing pilot brewing on their small system. Eventually found myself moved into the Head Brewer position.

Moved to Ohio in the summer of 2020 to take on a brewing position at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing in Columbus, OH. There I took on the role of a Lead Brewer of their production facility.

I was then the Production Manager for Lock 27 Brewing in Dayton, OH. From January 2022 until January 2024.

Also, I have my brewing certification through the Institute of Brewing and Distilling out of the UK.