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The Decline of Socialization in Society and Its Impact on Taprooms

Join us to dissect the decline in taproom socialization, tracing its roots from the 70s to the present day. With the brewing industry facing challenges, we’ll explore unexpected factors, like the impact of streaming content, social media, a decrease in bar socialization over two decades, and the rising fear of failure in the younger generation. Shifts towards home-based gatherings, evolving parenting dynamics, and a surge in depression rates (from 7% in the 70s to 30% today) compound these challenges. This session will discuss unique factors impacting the taproom experience and offer innovative strategies for businesses navigating this evolving landscape. Join us for an equally thought provoking and actionable conversation.

Joel started homebrewing at the age of 20. After years of being in manufacturing and quality engineering he decided to open a brewery. He also oversaw a winery open up at the same time while winning a silver medal for his wine. As he exists the brewery he began to wonder what he should do next but noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to get people out and began looking into this topic, declining socialization.