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Grain Questions, Handled

Hear the industry’s most experienced grain handling expert answers your questions about grain handling and storage! Topics will include how to keep spaces dust-free, how to extend the life of your equipment, and when different equipment becomes profitable. It will cover different brands available and extend to automation software, spent grain solutions, and much more. The guest will be John Cassa of ABM Equipment, one of the industry’s foremost providers of grain handling systems.


Listeners are welcome to submit any questions they have after the interview to ABM Equipment via email (, which they have promised to answer.


Starting his career with Bratney in agricultural grain handling systems, John Cassa spent several years as their top sales engineer before venturing out on his own. Seeing that food and beverage producers were having to juggle equipment manufacturers, installers, and fabricators, John founded ABM Equipment with a partner to bring all these functions under one roof. Since then, John has developed hundreds of applications for food and beverage producers, specializing in dry bulk solids solutions.


When the brewery boom hit Bend, Oregon in the 90’s, John brought his expertise to the space, and since then ABM has become the primary grain systems provider to the industry. John’s group is responsible for a number of the industry’s now-standard solutions such as single-point weighing, dust-tight silo adapters, grain handling software, and more.


Though he’s responsible for the material handling systems of large food producers such as Tyson and McCain, the brewery space is John’s favorite to work in for the laid-back, practical, and tight-knit nature of the industry.