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Made in China, Now What?

With a high percentage of equipment coming from overseas, particularly China, it is crucial to understand the procedures and expenses involved in the process of getting your equipment from the factory to your doorstep.

So, your new shiny, expensive toys are completed half a world away, but what’s next?

Join our Designated Driver, John Gonzales, as he uses his 15 years of experience in China to drill down into the process and help paint a clearer picture of what should be considered.

The discussion will include:

– Container Loading

How does the equipment get over here in the first place?

– Freight and Terms

Will ocean or air freight (ouch) be used to get your shipment across the “pond”? What are the incoterms of the equipment?

– Duties and Taxes

Once the shipment arrives you need to consider importation and the associated duties, taxes, and tariffs which are charged by US Customs and need to be paid before the shipment is released and delivered. You will also get an exclusive look at the shipping calculator that our team has created to provide a detailed estimation of the costs you will incur when your shipment arrives at the port.

– Delivery and Unloading

This is when the real fun starts as now you have to unload the equipment from the container into your facility. Our team has many tips and tricks to share!

Our goal is to help you understand the key considerations during the shipping process from China to the US, so you can make informed decisions that simplify your life and prevent costly surprises.

Bespoke Brewing Solutions is your one-stop shop to bring your craft beer project to life.

We produce our equipment to the highest standard—because the quality of equipment can make a huge difference to your product—and the overall success of your brewery.

We have equipment in 17 countries, meaning we’ve sourced equipment and designed brewhouse configurations for a plethora of different scenarios.

Our Designated Driver, John Gonzales, is originally from Austin, Texas, but now leads our team from China. Having a team in China that speaks the local language allows us to oversee all aspects of our client’s projects, from initial layout designs all the way through to equipment testing before shipping.

If you’ve never started a brewery before, we’re here to help. If you’re an experienced brewer, we speak your language.