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3 Ways Craft Beer Professionals can Make the Most of the Holiday Selling Season

Written by Kat Rice on behalf of DrinkTanks

The holiday gifting season is upon us. Use this time of year to boost sales with these ideas.

1. Offer a Free Gift with Purchase:
You see it in the big chain restaurants this time of year, “get a free $10 gift card with every $50 gift card purchase” but instead of offering an additional gift card, consider a low-cost yet high-quality single wall stainless steel cup that is branded with your logo. The purchaser can either use the cup as part of the gift and a fun way to “wrap” the gift cards, or they can keep it for themselves! Either way, your brand is out there in a cup that’s being used over and over again.

Bonus: Taking advantage of your vendor’s holiday selling season specials like the free engraving and 5-10% savings on DrinkTanks Session cups is a great way to get more value out of your promotion.

2. Step up your Merch:
Whether it’s a cozy hoodie, a comfy t-shirt, a cool hat, or you guessed it… a high-quality growler, get your logo on some gear that’s ultra giftable. There’s no doubt your brewery has developed a cult following making branded gear a great gift. Choose items that are high quality that a recipient will want to keep and use. And, while 50% margins are nice, look at it as a marketing/advertising investment and consider selling it for a lower margin in order to move more product.

Pro Tip: Try and cross-promote on your menu, website, table tents, and social whenever possible! And if you don’t have the internal resources to take pro photos, ask your vendors for a digital comp you can use.

3. Set up a Hot Cocoa Bar Event:
Do you have unused outdoor space in the winter? Throw up some tents, stream some lights, and bust out the fire pits. Help families make new traditions and encourage them to stop by your brewery after a night of looking at Christmas lights for some hot cocoa by the fire! The kiddos will delight in the added festivities and the parents will enjoy a well-earned adult beverage, too. After all, the holidays are all about family time and making special memories.

Don’t Forget the extras: Every hot cocoa bar needs plenty of mini marshmallows, whipped cream, candy canes, and yes, even red + green sprinkles!

Try one of these ideas, all three, or something completely different! Just keep in mind that people are looking for great holiday ideas and if you don’t have something, you’re leaving easy revenue on the table.

Kat Rice has been working with DrinkTanks since January 2020. As founder + president of Wildcat Marketing, Kat helps businesses of all sizes with their marketing, advertising, branding, and business development needs.

DrinkTanks® started in Bend, Oregon in 2013 with a little curiosity, a “what if” attitude, and the belief that nobody should have to sacrifice the quality of their favorite drink for the sake of their adventure. Today, DrinkTanks® makes premium growlers, CO2 dispensing equipment, and premium beverage accessories. DrinkTanks exists to improve how people enjoy their favorite beverage, no matter where life’s adventures take them.