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State of the Hop Industry

Chris Holden, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Hop Guild and a grower in New York state, will give his State of the Hop Industry address. He will discuss the 2023 growing season, importance of selection and proper contracting, and what makes New York Hops unique. Join Chris for this informative session on the state of hops and learn insight into how to prepare for the future.

Christopher Holden grew up on my families farm and now the 7th generation to farm the property. His great great grandfather grew hops in the 1800’s on our farm. The current operation started in 2013 and they’ve been slowly expanding the operation ever sense. In 2018 Chuck Rhoades and Christopher started The HOPGUILD (New York Hop Guild) to help with problems many brewers were facing with locally grown hops. Quality, Quantity and lastly Consistency. Brewers had to do to much work to make sure that year over year they had the local hops they needed. They quickly expanded outside New York with offering hops grown in the PNW, Michigan, Germany and New Zealand!