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Monday, April 3

presented by Aseptic Fruit Purees

11am – Welcome

Andrew Coplon (Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper)

11:10am – Patching Your Leaky Sales Pipeline: Improving The Efficiency of Your Sales Team

Julie Rhodes (Not Your Hobby Marketing Solutions)

12pm - Pitfalls of Buying (or Selling) a Brewery

John Szymankiewicz (Beer Law Center)

12:30pm - The Massive Opportunities For Content Creating Brewers

Adam Mills (Cartridge Brewing)

1pm - How Do I Know I’m Making Good Beer?

Panelists: Erik Fowler (Education & Brewery Experience Manager, White Labs), Jon Hughes (PhD, Director of Brewing and Sensory Science, UC Davis Continuing & Professional Education), Lindsay Barr (Founding Partner, CSO, DraughtLab Sensory Software), Melissa Antone Timm (Quality & Sensory Specialist), Neil Witte (Cicerone Certification Program)

Moderator: Laura Lodge (Start A Brewery)

1:30pm - Claims Stories and the Nightmare of Improper Brewery Insurance

Joey Broms (Baer Insurance Services, Inc.)

2pm - Saving Green by Going Green at Your Brewery

Kathy Black (New Hampshire DES - Sustainable Craft Beverage Program), Meghann Quinn (Virginia DEQ - Office of Pollution Prevention), Rayna Oliker (Colorado CDPHE - Green Business Network Administrator)

2:30pm - Using Brewery Production Data to Evaluate Finances, COGS, Product Traceability, and KPIs

Pulkit Agrawal (Beer30 by The 5th Ingredient)

3pm - NA Beers: No Alcohol, Many Compliance Concerns

Alex Koral (Sovos ShipCompliant)

3:30pm - Creating Your Purchasing Playbook: 3 Initiatives for Any Size Brewery

Dan Klasen (Beer and Wine Federation)

4pm - Can Do: Navigating Production and Packaging as a Small Brewery

Don Marcil (Stout Tanks and Kettles) and Garett Lockhart (Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems)

5pm - 2023 Employee Satisfaction Report Presentation

Michael Varda (Craft Beer Advisory Services)

Tuesday, April 4th

presented by

11am – Welcome

Andrew Coplon (Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper)

11:10am – Would ChatGPT Recommend Your Brewery to New Drinkers?

Scott Kolbe (Market Your Craft)

12pm - Mobile Canning Vs Canning Line Investment

Roger Kissling (Iron Heart Canning)

12:30pm - Your Lease is Up, Now What? A Brewer's Perspective

Jacob Mitchell (Craft Brewing Company)

1pm - Is Online Brewing Education Right For Me?

Charlie Cole (Great Revivalist Brew Lab)

1:30pm - Loans, LOC, and Factoring, Oh My! Which Financing Option is Right for Your Brewery?

Derek Watson, CFO Services for Small Businesses & Former Head at Amazon Lending, and Alice Ko, Head of Marketing, at Resolve Pay

2:00pm - Taproom Transaction Fees Simplied

Rachel Kelsey (Arryved POS) and Mel Smith (Perkins & Co)

2:30pm - Inside How Inclusion & Universal Design Can Work in a Brewery

Kelly Weiss (Perkiomen Valley Brewery)

3:00pm - Progression Towards Succession: Setting Up Your Brewery for a Successful Exit

Larry Chase (Ray Johnson Group)

3:30pm - Brew Up Your Profits: Mastering Draft Beer Efficiency

Jon Childress (BarTrack)

4pm - Tea Leaves: Using Data to Manage a Smart Portfolio

Aaron Gore (Bevana)

5pm - 5 Financial Drivers to Reduce Costs and Make More Money

Kary Shumway (

Wednesday, April 5th

presented by Jason Sleeman | Brewery Lender

11am – Welcome

Andrew Coplon (Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper)

11:10am – Small Brewery Labs: Small Tips Can Make Big Changes in Yeast.

Scott Hedeen (Burnt Hickory Brewery)

11:30am - Lessons from the Other Side: Learning from Brewery Closures

Panelists: Bob Sylvester (St. Somewhere), Dean Brundage (New Republic),
Kelly Meyer (How Not to Start A Damn Brewery Podcast & Book)

Moderator: William Teasley (Khonso Brewing)

12pm - Leveraging Technology to Supercharge Your Sales

Chris Dowling (Ohanafy)

12:30pm - Is Your Website ADA Compliant? What You Need to Know.

Devon Hoffman (Site-Seeker, Inc.)

1pm - Fallacies & Fantasies: The Truth Behind Business Valuations

Fred Kaplan (Stony Hill Advisors)

1:30pm - Optimizing Self-distribution: Making Distribution Efficient and Cost Effective

Sam Williams (BrewMan by Premier Systems)

2pm - Tech & Sustainability: Aligning Your Strategic Priorities for Maximum Impact

Jeremy King (Doozy Solutions)

2:30pm - Sustainable Brewing with a Mash Filter in a Craft Brewery.

Rich Michaels (IDD Process & Packaging)

3pm - Proper Care and Feeding of Stainless Steel

Dana Johnson (Birko - A Diversey Company)

3:30pm - The 4 Reports Your Brewery Should Review Monthly for Growth

Matthew Hon (BrewNInja)

4pm - Make Your Label Standout

Wayne Metcalfe (Brook + Whittle)

5pm - Selling? What a Buyer is Looking for in Your Brewery

Panelists: Jason Sleeman (United Community Bank, Brewery Lender), David Lentz (Saucy Brew Works, Controller), Jeff Adam (Adam Noble Group, President)

Moderator: Andrew Coplon (Craft Beer Professionals/Secret Hopper)