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5 Ways to #BrewMore and #BrewBetter with Beer30

In this webinar, Pulkit K. Agrawal (Founder & CEO of Beer30 by The 5th Ingredient) and Steve “Hendo” Henderson (Founder of Rockstar Brewer) dive into 5 actionable ways brewers can use their data to #BrewMore and #BrewBetter.

The topics include ::

(1) Using Brew Sheets in Beer30 to dial in deviations and quality based on text alerts and tolerances.
(2) Diving into weekly KPIs with Brew-Filter-Pack Metrics for your team
(3) Looking at tank charts on a daily basis to understand hop creep or diastaticus issues (with a bonus round of yeast genealogy and QC control checks!)
(4) Comparing the gravity and pH of multiple batches of the same brand name, to ensure consistent quality
(5) Diving in on how to use data to be ready in case there is a product recall from an ingredient supplier (with a bonus round of sales traceability, COGS, and actual $ for a claim