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Top 5 Underappreciated Features Of Your POS System

It’s hard to identify what about POS most influences your business, so we’ve identified the top 5 most underappreciated features below:

1. Card On File Keeps Tabs Open Without Holding Physical Cards

This feature is sure to be appreciated by both your staff and guests equally. With card on file, staff don’t waste time babysitting credit cards and guests don’t worry about forgetting them.

Plus, card on file makes it as easy as possible to order, so guests order more!

“When people are able to really easily, seamlessly start a tab, you see overall increases in your tab size,” Maura Hardman from Seattle Cider Co. shares. The cidery boosted tab size 17% using card on file!

2. Industry Expertise Improves POS Functionality & Resourcefulness

Your POS is your partner, and industry backgrounds from the people designing and supporting the system positively impact your business. When the folks you’re working with have craft experience, they build beer-specific tools.

Here are some benefits of using a POS that understands craft breweries’ needs:

  • Get ounce-level depletion data
  • Kick kegs from the taproom floor
  • Reduce pour costs
  • Easily customize flights

Now that’s a POS you can trust!

3. Ease Of Launch & Use Helps Your Brewery Grow

A big sticking point in choosing a better POS is the hesitation to onboard your business and staff onto a new system. So, a POS that’s easy to onboard and easy for staff to learn is essential.

Hi-Wire Brewing’s rapid rate of growth—they’re opening their 11th taproom this year—is supported by a POS that’s simple to launch. If you’re able to grow that fast, you certainly don’t want technology to be the thing holding you back!

4. Offline Mode Keeps Transactions Coming

Preparing for the worst isn’t exactly top of mind when you’re POS feature hunting. But when a storm strikes or there’s a network outage, Offline Mode ensures neither your bottom line nor your guests’ good time suffers. 

Once power is restored and you’re back online, all orders made in Offline Mode sync with your cloud-based system.

5. Mobilizing Your Business Drives More Revenue

The ability to take your business on the road diversifies your revenue streams, therefore boosting your bottom line.

The last underappreciated feature is mobility: As opposed to stationary systems, POS handhelds allow you to take orders anywhere. And mobility, when paired with Offline Mode, sets your business up for off premise success. All of your tech is good to go whether your event is in a stadium or in the Sahara Desert.

Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. brought 6 mobile POS devices to a music festival and made $50k in sales from that event alone. I’ll bet mobility is no longer underappreciated by their team!

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Emma Erickson is the Copywriter at Arryved POS. When she’s not asking for another Sour, she’s asking to pet your dog.